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Posted by Mark Kordic on 09 August 2018

Two-Minute Tuesday: Stories of Courageous Christians Loving the Unreached

Each week I’ll highlight compassionate efforts of those who’ve pledged themselves to Heaven for the Gospel in the world’s most difficult places. Today we’ll visit believers in Ethiopia, Israel and Iran.

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Happy Two-Minute Tuesday. I’m Mark Kordic with Your Vision for the Unreached. Today we’ll visit believers in Ethiopia, Israel and Iran. New Covenant Missions touched the life of an 80 year-old grandmother named Ayehu as part of their Widows and Orphans Project. You see, in Ethiopia there is no system in place to take care of the elderly widows. Despite potential persecution by the dominant religion, Ayehu put her trust in Jesus alone for salvation. Thanks to friends unselfishly loving the Unreached! Moving to Israel, a beautiful land we recently visited, we meet Prime Minister Netanyahu’s new deputy social media adviser Hananya Naftali. Naftali is an IDF veteran who calls himself a Jew who loves Jesus. It’s rare for Messianic Jews to hold such an influential position in a country with an estimated 20,000 Jewish followers of Jesus. Historically discriminated, the number of Messianic Jews in Israel is increasing, especially among young people thru social media chat rooms. Pray for a fresh move of the Spirit in this Unreached land as the Apostles prayed, “...Grant to Your servants that with all boldness they may speak Your word.” (Acts 4:29). Meanwhile, in Iran, it’s estimated that more people have come to Christ during the past 20 years than during the previous 1,400 years combined! There are constant reports of people experiencing visions of Jesus and receiving healing from addiction. Leading The Way with Michael Youssef is sharing the Gospel with the nations and remains a popular satellite option for Iranians. Confused about whether to follow the teachings of the Bible or the Koran, 25 year-old Fatima saw a vision of a Jesus in a church and later saw the Leading the Way broadcast. Fatima had many questions so she

Posted by Mark Kordic on 30 September 2018

Two-Minute Tuesday for September 25, 2018

Stories of Courageous Christians in Indonesia, Germany and Kenya.

Advancing Your Ministry for the Unreached is creating alliances with numerous ministries influencing countries on every continent.

Happy Two-Minute Tuesday. This is Mark Kordic, with Your Vision for the Unreached joining you with stories of Courageous Christians; those who have pledged themselves to Heaven for the Gospel. Let’s visit believers in Indonesia, Germany and Kenya. Climb aboard.

Jesus’ call for His followers to be His witnesses to the ends of the earth motivates Michael Loftis in his work with dynamic disciple making movements in Indonesia. Michael consults with Indonesian national trainers with the IMPACT ministry to focus on obedience-based discipleship. During last week’s Missio-Nexus conference, Michael told me IMPACT is seeing a tremendous harvest in this country sporting the largest Muslim population. In fact, they’re on target to start at least ten massive, disciple-making movements by the year 2025. On a personal note, Michael discipled me after I came to Christ almost four decades ago.

Speaking of Missio-Nexus, a featured speaker was legendary musician and evangelist David Pierce, The Rock Priest. Through his unorthodox style and intense love for the global youth culture, David leads Steiger International. Check out His website to view videos of his powerful messages to millennial and Gen Y youth, hanging out in clubs and barrios in European and Asian international cities. Steiger Missions School in Germany is intended for people with a wide variety of gifting and background who feel called to reach and disciple the "Global Youth Culture.” Jesus loves you David; thanks for showing God’s love to the world’s forgotten.

Finally, did you know some 70-million friends in the worldwide deaf community have little to no access to God’s Word in their distinct languages. The first International Week of the Deaf is this week. Did you know there are 350 distinct deaf languages in the world? Only 26 of those have any sort of au

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November 2018 Report

A BIG THANK YOU to our friends who believe in our mission to reach every unreached people group with the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their native tongue & teaching them to follow Jesus (Matthew 28:18-20) THANKS for your involvement supporting my role as a leader in this movement!

I do believe this "finishing the task" will only be possible through a massive, pure and
deeply committed global prayer movement, a version of Pentecost our spiritual ancestors
experienced 2,000 years ago. I am humbled to serve with so many like you who share this passion.
So, I'm pleased to inform you that I've accepted an invitation to participate in the "World Generation Prayer Gathering" in Jakarta, Indonesia in late January, 2019. Thanks for your prayer support as I represent you there.

3 Resources will help you to immediately join thousands of others in prayer for
specific people groups who have ZERO access to the Gospel (no church, no Bibles and
no Christians in their communities):
*"Pray for the 31 - Prayer Guide" at
*"Unreached of the Day" photos,maps,basic statistics, profile text and prayer
items for a different unreached people group each day (Android, Apple podcasts)
*"Unreached of the Day" podcast by Joshua Project, focused on the
unfinished task of completing the Great Commission (itunes, Stitcher, Spotify &
Google Play)

Thank you again to our wonderful partners! May God bless you and your efforts to be a
blessing to the nations.

Posted by Mark Kordic on 20 August 2019

Summer 2019 Quarterly Report

We've made significant progress in collaboration and partnerships focused on increasing the number of Christians involved in bringing the Gospel to unreached people groups this summer.

Here is the report:

Let me know if you have comments or questions!


Posted by Mark Kordic on 11 December 2019

Massive Evangelism & Prayer Movement "GO2020" Set to Begin

December Year-End Announcement: Announcing GO2020- Massive Evangelism & Prayer Movement "GO2020" Set to Begin

I was involved in 2019 helping to launch an unprecedented evangelism effort called "GO2020" with a goal of mobilizing 100-million Christians to pray worldwide for the Gospel to reach their neighbors, including many in unreached countries! The overall goal is to see 1-Billion people influenced by the Good News by our International Day for the Unreached on May 31, 2020.

December Personal Missionary Support Need: $7,000 by January 1, 2020


C.S. Lewis created the character of Aslan the Great Lion in his classic novel, “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.” When the beaver was asked by Susan about Aslan’s character, the beaver answered,

“Safe, who said anything about safe? Course he isn’t safe. But he’s good. He’s the King, I tell you.” Well, I tell you that Jesus, as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, is so good to unify His body around the world in an unprecedented way and He’s so good to unveil plans to leaders of churches and ministries around the world.

I’m introducing an exciting new movement called “GO-2020” today and will give you an opportunity to participate in these plans. You see, GO-2020 is the culmination of a decade of preparation. Right now, tens of thousands of churches with hundreds of mission organizations and prayer movements are joining forces for a major prayer and mission initiative unlike anything the world has known. The goal is to reach One-billion who are still unreached with Christ’s Good News.

Together, by May 2020 as we roll into the International Day for the Unreached on May 31, we aim to mobilize 100- million Christians to pray for those in their communities that do not know the Lord as well as those across the seas that are part of unreached people groups. Take a pen and write down this web sign up address. You can find further information at www.

Posted by Mark Kordic on 21 February 2021

Introducing the Unreached to Jesus by Introducing You to the Unreached.

Mobilizing Believers to Care, Share and Prayer for the Unreached

Have you Realized that YOUR Forever Family is Among the Bible-less? More than most spiritual disciplines, intercessory prayer for the countless millions who do not have any access to the gospel has energized my Christian walk in the last 5 years. Just the truth that many who make up our forever spiritual family are unreached now; that is, so many have never heard of Jesus, never have seen a church or even met a Christian, will be part of the Bride of Christ in time & eternity. This truth makes me want to serve wholeheartedly as a mobilizer, helping to send those bringing the gospel to the unreached.
Your forever family are among the Bible-less! Here is an hour-long teaching on “Why and How to Pray for ZERO.” My good friend Solomon Lujan, Global Director of Prayer for Seed Company, shared this recently with the Global Family 24/7 Prayer leadership team. May this deepen your commitment to pray for the Bibleless! Please share the YouTube video with friends and family and your church small groups so more can be inspired to pray for Bible translation
Intercessory Prayer Continued: Our ministry partner in Asia, C Anderson, expresses my thoughts exactly when it comes to the absolute necessity of practicing intercessory prayer as believers go about their work. I trust you would see how her thoughts translate to your life’s work or family interactions:
“I often find in mission efforts, that church planters see prayer and intercession as something they do in the mornings or at certain prayer meeting times, but then they go on to do their “real work” after that. Prayer is a very real part of our ministry as leaders of movements and as trainers of trainers. We must pray much for those we train, coach and lead. Intercede for revelation, for protection, for anointing, for breakthrough. Lift up those you are training and sharing Christ with. Cry out to God for the lost around us and the l

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