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Lounge of Life

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Mission Statement:

To create an alternative nightlife experience, giving young people a safe place to socialize without feeling the pressure of excessive drinking, drugs and promiscuity (which is the norm), while concurrently providing a bridge of hope for those that feel stuck in this destructive lifestyle.

Every weekend thousands of young adults are pressured to engage in society's idea of fun and partying; consisting of excessive drinking, drugs and promiscuity. We are seeking to redefine the nightlife experience, one weekend at a time.

Problem Being Solved?
The reality is the enemy knows all young adults have a pure intention of wanting to have "fun" so he's created several environments for them to do just that and has also labeled what that fun should consist of (drinking, drugs, promiscuity) which is an attack against a young generation. The enemy knows this is a crucial time in people's lives and if he can get them consumed with this way of life they'll never connect with God and find out their true purpose for being on this earth. This is why there's an urgency for us to address it and not just let the enemy have his way but actually fight back!

How are you solving it?
Creating an alternative allows students to experience the social positives associated with College Partying and Clubbing all while removing the negatives and peer pressure. Young people want to dress up and go out for the evening and can only go to the movies so many times. In order for prevention to be effective they must be given an alternative that's not cheesy but done in excellence.

Doing it this way sets us up to reach a young generation with the gospel by being all things to all people and meeting a broken generation right where they're at. The Church has struggled to reach this demographic and we believe Lounge of Life is the vehicle God's going to use to restore a generation back to Himself.

Will offer students an alternative every Friday and Saturday night. Will also provide concerts from top tier Christian artist such as Lecrae and others throughout the weekdays and a coffee/juice bar will be open daily where students can study. Educating students in and outside the Church will be a huge part of what we provide as well. Many organizations educate students about the severe effects affiliated with this lifestyle but none are providing them a safe alternative.

Long term, we will also provide rehabilitation for those wanting to get out of the world's party scene and are struggling with addiction.

Why are you qualified?
We believe we are uniquely qualified to meet this need because our founder, Paul Di Giordano, knows first had the danger associated with this lifestyle. He himself was bound to it and he sees clearly the schemes the enemy is using to deceive a generation which helps us combat it effectively. He has been effective at drawing others into the vision and work who have also come out of this lifestyle through radical encounters with Jesus.

He was also heavily involved in the nightclub scene and was very successful at throwing parties so he knows how to do it and what will appeal to this demographic. The most important reason for us being qualified is the story of how this all began. Paul was woken up in the middle of the night a year after being saved and he felt God speak the words "Lounge of Life, Food for the Soul" to him. Paul began in that moment to start writing down the vision God was giving him and he knew that God wanted to use Lounge of Life to reach people in the lifestyle he had been living.

All these things along with a qualified and dedicated team of advisors sets us up to accomplish this mission.

What is the urgency?
The information previously stated stems from our society's idea of partying, and the statistics regarding drug use did not include the risk of fatalities. Thousands of young adults die or are hospitalized due to drug overdose and drug-related incidents each year. Some of the major arenas in which this lifestyle is promoted are college parties, nightclubs, bars, and EDM music festivals. The thought behind this lifestyle is, "How far can I push the limits in the areas of drinking, drugs, and promiscuity?" and it's only getting worse. The more excessive the drinking and hook-ups, the more socially praised you become. This whole phenomenon is destructive. Young people's lives are at stake and their futures are in jeopardy.

Not only does this affect our world but it's severely affecting our Church. Roughly 80% of High School students are falling away from the Church after graduating High School and most of them are falling into this lifestyle and accepting these behaviors which tears them away from Christ.

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