Christopher Umfrid Benevolence Fund

Christopher Umfrid Benevolence Fund
Chris is 39 years old and has suffered from May-Thurner Syndrome for about ten years.  His condition has not responded to treatment and has recently worsened.  Despite receiving dangerously high dosages of blood thinners, Chris continues to suffer painful and life-threatening blood clots that often confine him to home or the hospital.  

Chris works when he can as a commission-based salesman at a Phoenix motorcycle dealership. 
Recently, Chris has not been well enough to work more than intermittently—only a few days in the past month. As a result, Chris is suffering serious financial need.  Chris shares custody and financial responsibility for his 4-year-old son, Zane.  

To expand awareness of this need and to make financial contributions 100% tax-deductible, the Christopher Umfrid Benevolence Fund has been established to help with his living and medical expenses.  Please help.

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NHF- Darius Rotea

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End Date: 24 July 2019

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