Love and Light Ministry

Love and Light Ministry

Mission Statement:

Love and Light Ministry seeks to share the Gospel, make disciples, plant churches, and catalyze movements in order to see the world reached for Christ and to prepare for His return!

Problem being solved?

An Unreached People Groups (UPGs) is defined as a group of people sharing ethnic and cultural commonalities in which less than one percent of the population is Christian and in which the people group has no access to the Gospel message of Christ's love. The heartbreaking reality of these UPGs is that they have no one to share the Truth with them, leaving them in darkness and plagued by deception. "How can they hear without someone preaching to them?" (Romans 10:14). If, by the grace of God, anyone in these UPGs does believe in Christ, they have almost no knowledge of other believers in their area and have little fellowship as they pursue Christ. These few believers are not adequately equipped to live out and proclaim the Gospel, and are oftentimes threatened by their loved ones if they do. They are not being challenged to obey Jesus and have no example of what that looks like in their context. Many times, these believers have no way to read God's word, whether because they do not have a Bible or merely because they are illiterate. In addition, numerous believers are hurt from the many Christian organizations that seem to use them for their own organizational aims rather than really love them for who they are. These are but a few of the challenges that our ministry will seek to address and, through the power of Holy Spirit, overcome. We have a deep burden for these UPGs because our Heavenly Father does, and we are committed to seeing His marvelous light shine in these dark places.

How are you solving it?

In order to effectively reach a UPG for Christ, we seek to find people within our target UPG who have a spiritual burden for their people group and are ready to reach them with the Gospel. Then we train them in simple, reproducible tools rooted in biblical principles, challenge them to love and obey Jesus, and encourage them to pass along these tools and principles to others through discipleship. We encourage gatherings of believers to identify as church and then strive to grow in spiritual health and multiply these churches throughout the community. We provide necessary resources, contacts, and experience to foster growth within the church network. We help develop leaders of these emerging church networks and train them to lead the believers towards effective church multiplication, eventually catalyzing a movement of God in the area.

Why are you qualified?

Christ has confirmed His calling for Catalina and me to reach these UPGs for Him. The Lord has been revealing to both of us His heart for the people living in the spiritually darkest places on earth. He has led us both into a network of Christ-followers who are committed to going after the lost in these places, encouraging us to be part of what He is doing across the globe. He is showing us how to use simple, reproducible, and biblical tools to advance His kingdom everywhere, whether now in places like Illinois and Louisiana or soon amongst a UPG overseas. God has also provided opportunities to deepen our love for Him through the encouragement and mentorship of countless believers as they continue to pour into our lives. The Lord has entrusted so much training, ability, and wisdom to us, and we recognize our responsibility to steward those blessings well.

What is the urgency?

Every single moment, there are people dying in these dark places of the world without the light of Christ. Countless more are living in hell on earth right now, void of the love and light that only Christ can provide. Christ wants to free these people from their bondage and wants to use our mouths, our hands and our feet to do it. Catalina and I must go! There is no time to waste!

Project Manager
Frederick Stepat

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