Angels Unawares

Angels Unawares

Mission Statement:

The Hearts Desire of Sharing Christ's Love and Hope in People with Disabilities.


Angels Unawares is based on Hebrews 13:2, "Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained Angels Unawares." The initial purpose is to construct rental units as income generating activities to enable the self-sustenance of persons with disabilities in the Ishaka, Uganda Community and to provide accommodations to persons with disabilities who have been abandoned by their relatives and caretakers.

Problem being solved?

Providing support for persons with disabilities in and around Ishaka, Uganda. This could involve paying school fees and supply fees for school-aged persons, or paying for necessary care or equipment they might need.

How are you solving it?

Assisting the local church in Uganda with their local foundation, Angels Unawares, to build rental dormitories, and the rent will be used for ongoing funding for persons with disabilities. Ishaka has a medical school locally and the opportunity to rent rooms is good. The first 5 units have been completed and 4 of 5 are currently rented. The rental properties are to provide income, but if others can be built, may also serve as housing for some persons with disabilities (they are planning perhaps 20% of the units could be used this way).

Why are you qualified?

I am a physical therapist and have volunteered with the Wheels for the World program through Joni and Friends for many years.

I met Pastor Sam Musigire at a Wheels for the World outreach in Ishaka Uganda in 2015, where wheelchairs were given out to local people who had need of them. In particular one young man, Balam, and his brother stood out to us as needing assistance. They have a progressive neurological disease, no parents and their grandparents are unable to care for them.

What is the urgency?

These young men needed funds to attend school, and to receive necessary care. Since that time in 2015 others with significant needs have also been identified in the region and Angels Unawares would like to expand programming to provide for basic needs.

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