TheVeryLast (Mark 9:35)

TheVeryLast (Mark 9:35)

Developing and supporting local leaders who are sacrificially caring for suffering children in some of the worst living situations in the world.          

Hi Team!

I am so excited for this new ministry. Thank you with all our hearts for being such an amazing support. I am so excited for all the lives the Lord is going to impact in the years to come through our team!

3 important notes:

1. Please register and create a login and password and record it somewhere so you don't lose it : )

2. Please upload a picture of your family to your new account: we really like to see your picture when we pray for you. And we really like to pray for you.

3. If you can give by eCheck (through your bank account) or other means, and not by credit card that will be the best, if possible. New Horizons Foundations is an amazing partner and they only take 5% to do all of the legal and financial administration. However, if you give by credit card it costs an addional 3%. Also, if your company matches your giving please let me know. New Horizons Foundation qualifies for the matching program for almost all companies I've looked up.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your generous and loving prayers and support!

liberia wave
Project Manager
TheVeryLast Mark 9:35

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