CURATE Ministries

CURATE Ministries

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Mission: Curate your heart. Experience God's fullness. Be transformed.

Vision: Our Vision is to see ministry leaders and followers of Christ grow in the fullness of God, encounter Him, and be transformed more and more into His likeness.

Why this need?
Life in Christ ebbs and flows, with seasons of calm waters and those of crashing rapids. But staying close to Jesus in the midst of ministry demands, life circumstances, cultural shifts, and theological differences require intentionality and openness to the Holy Spirit.

The demands of daily life (family needs, career and work, finances, over-filled schedules) can make prioritizing spiritual health and growth challenging in a culture that highly values doing over being. Anxiety is at an all-time high and our interior lives are devalued. Traditional bible studies, quiet times, and church attendance are worthwhile, but they do not fully encapsulate the full life in God that Christ promised us.

Needs that we have observed among ministry leaders, pastors, and followers of Jesus include:

·         Rest and restoration from the often soul-weary work of ministry
·         Practice and experience that aid us in remaining rooted in Christ
·         Safe, non-judgmental space to process spiritual lives, including the deepest questions of faith
·         Doing Kingdom work more sustainably, from a place of overflow rather that drought and to not only help others encounter God, but to delight in Him ourselves
·         For ministry and church leaders to lead our of intimacy with Christ and for those under their care to experience thriving, transformative, ever-deepening relationships with Him

What we offer:
·         Retreats, including our own CURATE retreats as well as partnering with local churches and organizations
·         Spiritual Direction, both in-person and virtual. 
·         Content and Resources to aid in the spiritual health and growth of those seeking a deeper life in Christ
·         Networking opportunities for spiritual directors, spiritual formation pastors, and others in the spiritual formation community

Project Manager
Bryan and Rachel Hehr

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