A.I.C. Tumaini Youth Center

A.I.C. Tumaini Youth Center

A.I.C. Tumaini Youth Center

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May 1, 2019

     The American and African teams working for the Tumaini Youth Center in Kitale, Africa want to express their heartfelt gratitude for all the support provided in the funding of the girl’s dormitory project. Without your help this project would still be a work in progress. The Colorado Mission Committee, the Board of Directors, and Staff working at the center are truly appreciative of the prayers and financial support given during the construction and furnishing of this venture. 

     The girls living at the center are most thankful and appreciative for this endeavor. This new building is a vast improvement from the old rooms the girls occupied in the past. This new living space allows the older girls to have their own private room and the young girls can share a room. 

     Even more important we now have sufficient space for additional girls to come to the center. Since the completion of the dorm we have already added four more girls to our roster. In addition to the sleeping quarters in the dorm, we also have added a living room for the young ladies to use as well as a private living quarters for the girls’ matron.

     We give the Lord the glory for his guidance in this labor of love and we know without His direction it would not have come to fruition.

    We are truly grateful for everyone who was involved in this enterprise. Please ask your friends to check us out on our site (aictyc.org) and have a look at our building.

    We will be begin another income-generating, project soon so please keep a lookout for more details explaining this venture.

Stay well in Christ,
Mike Heid


We require additional funding in two primary areas for our mission. First, we continue to look for support for the orphans and misplaced children living in our facility. Second, we are diligently seeking funding to help us build our next income producing project. We are genuinely thankful to God and our donors for getting us this far.

We are asking individuals and companies to help us provide  for these abandoned and orphaned children thru your donations.

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