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The mission of Advance is to glorify God by spreading a passion for the supremacy of Christ in all things and for the joy and deliverance of people held in bondage to non-saving belief systems in the U.S. such as Islam and secularism.  We desire to communicate our passion in a way that convinces, convicts, and energizes God's people in local churches to reach out to Muslims and others with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We also endeavor to cultivate a broader, more cohesive network through which to engage people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ promoting churches and church planting in the community. We will accomplish this by:

1). Planning and facilitating evangelism including relational, broad-scale and high-profile types of gospel proclamation, and engaging in these with boldness, truth and love. (Luke 8:4-15; 9:1-6) 

2). Stimulating other groups to engage in these types of evangelism while creating opportunities for “regular” people from local churches to get involved.  

Contact us by email at Scott@advanceministries.net

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End Date: 30 December 2020