African Gospel Mega Transect

African Gospel Mega Transect

The African Gospel Mega-Transect is a project of The Cross Ministries International that has the vision to train pastors, equip churches, provide educational opportunities, as well as various humanitarian projects to the people of Africa.

The goal of the mission is to build "outposts" for the training and equipping of pastors in the Gospel of the Finished Work of Christ, and to build schools, dig wells, and provide medical assistance and food relief in the rural villages of Ghana. 

The African Mega-Transect is about building partnerships and constructing these "outposts" in every country from Ghana to Kenya.  At present this project has connections in Ghana, Togo, Congo, and Kenya.

Since 2002 the AGMT has worked primarily in Ghana, planting 7 churches, building 1 school, and many humanitarian projects. But in 2017 it has expanded to the country of Togo and Benin. New partnerships were created and churches linked up with the Cross Ministries International. The goal for 2018 is a conference and crusade in Benin. 

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