Animal Welfare ILHA

Animal Welfare ILHA


 Ilha de Moçambique, an island only 3.5 km long by 0.5 km wide off the coast of northern Mozambique, is one of the most densely populated islands in the world (currently ranked 7th).  Despite limited space, the population continues to grow.  With an ever expanding human population comes an ever expanding animal one.  

 Since there are no veterinary clinics, veterinarians, or facilities on the island, the number of abandoned and starving stray animals, mostly dogs and cats, multiplies monthly.  The problems for the animals only begin here.  The locals are terrified of dogs and lack respect for animals in general.  Children stone animals for fun.  The retaliatory abuse and cruelty are beyond words.  This is the culture that future generations are currently learning on Ilha.  We want to change that.

 First of all, we are setting an example by rescuing animals in need.  We hire veterinarians as often as possible to travel to Ilha to do the following:

*Spay and Neuter



*Provide rabies shots

*Prescribe medication

*Perform operations as necessary

 We have a shelter that is a safe haven to care and to protect the animals from the cruelty and abuse so prevalent in the region.  Each animal is given a collar that defines it as “SAFE.”  Safe means that this animal is clean, healthy, and deserves to be loved, not mistreated.  Our actions do not go unnoticed by the locals.  We are beginning to make a difference, but there is still so much to accomplish. 

 Secondly, we want to create a program to educate the locals and the children how to respect, help, and care for animals, whether it be a dog, cat, goat, monkey or any of the other variety of animals found in the region.

 With the help of your kind donations, Animal Welfare Ilha is making a meaningful difference.  

 Please donate today! THANK YOU!

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