TAFCOM is a local, well-established Kilimanjaro area registered non-government organization serving the community of Pasua, Tanzania, East Africa.  TAFCOM is committed to the elimination of poverty by providing for the well- being of vulnerable children, HIV/AIDS social outreach, women's health and economic viability and environmental conservation.

Over the past two years, our groups have partnered with TAFCOM and participated in several Mount Kilimanjaro charity treks that have helped raise funds for the completion of classrooms at the TAFCOM preschool for orphaned and other marginalized children, established micro business loans for thirty women and men to obtain a life of independence, provided 3,000 treated mosquito nets to area children, and purchased five acres of land upon which to build an English Medium Primary School campus to be called “The Minnesota Academy”. 

All of our projects have been focused within or near the village of Pasua, one of the most destitute villages of the Kilimanjaro region.  Here everyday life consists of extreme hardship with lack of employment, food, education, medical care and opportunities.  It is within this community that TAFCOM resides and provides its essential educational and social outreach services. 

As background, Tanzania remains one of the poorest countries in the world.  Poverty is a significant contributor to deaths in Africa.  Poverty is the primary reason why children are not vaccinated, why clean sanitation is not provided, why curative drugs and other treatments are not provided and why women die in childbirth.  It is the underlying cause of reduced life expectancy, handicapped disabilities and starvation.  Poverty is also a major contributor to mental illness, stress, suicide, family disintegration and substance abuse.  Needless to say, through education, each donor will play an important role in breaking the poverty cycle for thousands of Pasua’s children. 

 Learn more about TAFCOM and their accomplishments, by visiting www.tafcomtz.com.

 Learn more about our groups and their fundraising efforts by visiting www.HopeForEducationTZ.org.

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