Global Leader Mentoring

Global Leader Mentoring

James was right about the nature of true religion. God cares about the least of these, the poor and disenfranchised. It comes down in particular to how we walk personally and respond to widows and orphans. In fact, there are minimally 150 million abandoned children worldwide and that number is growing exponentially due to war, political upheaval, disease and poverty. The majority of these are unattached emotionally and function solely out of a drive for survival. They carry little capacity to maintain any relationship and would struggle to discern right or wrong....skills rooted in the early life and attachment of the child. Most of these would be found in the developing world of southeast Asia, Latin America and Sub Saharan Africa.

This project was born to address the plight and potential of these children and in particular those that have the most influence in their lives....parents (biological or adopted), caregivers /  social workers and government officials. Carol and David are providing understanding and tools to these persons and structures of influence to address these issues with understanding in leading the child to wholeness. This is done in partnership with those on the ground, closest to the child, with parents, ngo's and governmental officials and structures looking to reform their services.

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David Boyd

Denver, US

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