Hope For Haiti

Hope For Haiti

Hope for Haiti (Visit our website here) was established in 1993 with a focus of “Promotion of giving and contributions to provide relief for needy Haitians”.

In 2008 we had the privilege of taking over the leadership after being asked to do so. Working directly with a ministry in Haiti that provides oversight and direction for 12 churches 8 of which are also, schools and we focus most of our efforts in/or around St Marc, Haiti. Over 1700 students attend school in mostly rural settings, some of which are only accessible by foot in the mountainous regions SE of St Marc.

Hope for Haiti provides a means for people to sponsor children, build schools and churches, and more. With the support we receive here, it allows for administrative and logistical functions to be taken care of. This way it is not cutting into what others want to send directly to Haiti. Between leading teams and teaching others to lead teams, we visit Haiti on an average of twice a year. This, also, allows us to collect current photos and information of the many children that are sponsored. Churches and schools are built, cisterns for water collection, evangelism and sharing God’s word are just a small part of what happens as God continues to open doors to help some of the “least of these”.

We count this a privilege and feel blessed to continue what was started as an outreach into Haiti.

And now the current focus is building a medical clinic in the rural mountains of Haiti just SE of St Marc.

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