House of Hope

House of Hope

House of Hope is a project started in memory of Hope Mackenzie Herman. Hope fought her battle with cancer which was caused by a rare gene called Li Fraumeni Syndrome. The disease causes childhood cancer and is very rare. In 2005 when Hope was 8, the disease took her father’s life after a 13 year battle with cancer. He was 34 years old. Hope knew the value of life as she watched her dad fight so hard to stay alive.  He taught her to keep her eyes focused on Jesus and eternity and to make every day count. On January 11, 2008, Hope joined her dad in Heaven.

While Hope was going to chemo treatments in Denver, she would often want to stop to help the homeless. This project was started as a way to reach those who are hungry and thirsty and to tell them about infinite hope that is found in Jesus Christ. Bags of food and water are distributed to the homeless people in our community along with a book called Infinite Hope. It was written about the night of Hope’s baptism, and the infinite hope she had in Jesus Christ.

In 2011 we brought Gifts of Hope to Guatemala. We work with some of the poorest people on this planet. We are able to work in various villages running medical clinics, building houses and most importantly teaching those that Jesus loves, about Him. 

Please join us in our journey by praying and giving to Gifts of Hope. We look forward to partnering with you in bringing infinite hope to the needy in Guatemala.

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