How Shall They Hear?

How Shall They Hear?

How Shall They Hear… (Rom 10:14)

Basel, Switzerland

We are reaching out to students from all over the world who are studying in the city of Basel, Switzerland. It has 180,000 inhabitants and is known as the "cultural" capital of Switzerland. Students gather in several places around the city. However, we have found that most of them are sitting on benches or on the steps leading down to the River Rhine. Many of the students that we are talking to are from different nationalities and speak superb English. There are many atheists, but also many who are seeking the truth and want to talk about spiritual matters with us. We also attend Crossroads International Church in Basel. Our kids are involved in the youth ministry. We have invitations to the church to give to any student in Basel who is interested in attending. 

Lorrach, Germany

We also minister in Lorrach which also happens to be the "Milka" capital (a famous German chocolate brand). Students aged from 13 to 16 come out of school at lunch time and hang out in the city square & gardens. We have had very good conversations with them and are starting to talk again to the same students.  These students have suprisingly good English for a Southern Black Forest city. 


Financial & Prayer Support

Please would you pray about starting to support us to reach these nationals and internationals. Join us in continuous prayer as we give the truth of the gospel to these students. 

We need to raise $1,300 more a month

5 people to partner with us $100 a month

11 people to partner with us $50 a month

10 people to partner with us $25 a month



Love Jason, Sara, Ben, Jack & Erin


Project Manager
Jason and Sara Tierney

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