How Shall They Hear?

How Shall They Hear?

Tierneys to the U.K.

How Shall They Hear… (Rom 10:14)

Every time in the past when we have gone to the U.K, we have felt such a strong pull to reach out to our own. At one time, the great preachers like Charles Spurgeon and John Wesley came out of England. Sadly, the spiritual climate has dramatically changed since then. Churches are closing and turning into nightclubs, bookstores, supermarkets and some are mosques. Tragically, less than 2% of the English people have faith in Christ. When asked, two-thirds of the English said, “they would never set foot in a church – not even for a wedding or a funeral.”

Our current ministries! 

International Students

Since June 2018, we have spoken to hundreds of students from over 40 countries – Atheists, Agnostics, Catholics, Hindus, Muslims & Buddhists.  

30,000 foreign students come for language school in the summer to a city on the south coast of England called Bournemouth. We minister to these students mainly during the summer and throughout the year by engaging them in conversation in Bournemouth Gardens. There are churches who disciple these international students. We direct those who show interest in Christ to these churches. It excites us that we have spiritual conversations with them, give them tracts and bibles in their own languages and in English, and that we are a part of the gospel going back to their respective countries!

Skate park ministry in New Milton & Ringwood!

We have discovered that many of the English youth hang out at the local skate parks. Our conversations so far have certainly been challenging. We conduct a survey and talk to youth about their lives & present the Good News! Recently, we gave out Christmas goody bags to all the youth which has opened them up even more for conversations. We also conducted a Christmas survey. Please pray in particular for George and Callum who are open to spiritual things. We have given them a book called One Heart Beat Away by Mark Cahill. 

Reaching out to school kids!

1,700 students attend a local high school close to where we live. Hundreds come out at 3.15pm every day, line up and hang out in front of a convenience store to buy candy. We engage with them on a regular basis using fun surveys and talk about the Bible. We leave them with a Gospel tract in their hand and something eternal to think about. 

Homeless Ministry

God has placed in our path some homeless people. There are many in the area. We first met David, Beth & Carl in July 2018, and we have been ministering to them with food, clothes and more importantly, the Gospel. Their situation has worsened in recent days with Beth very sick with a heart condition and both her and David running from the law. Carl, who once struggled with alcoholism, has gone back to live with his mother two hours away. David is a Christian, but Carl & Beth are not. 

We met Tim recently in an underpass (walkway under the road). He has been homeless for three months, living in a tent, and is wanting to meet with Jason to study the Bible. He has already started to read through the Book of John and More Than a Carpenter by Josh McDowell. Tim is very open & willing, so please pray for him! 

Encouraging a Converted Hindu

Satish, who lives in Birmingham, England, connected with a good missionary friend of ours in Spain called Grant. Grant then introduced us to Satish for the opportunity to encourage him. We visited his church where he is in charge of evangelism outreaches and his church is doing more and more to reach his community. Birmingham is predominantly Hindu & Muslim. Satish became a believer through the fervent witness of his pastor and the majority of his family knows the Lord as a result of his witness. Pray for more Hindus to come out of the darkness into the light. We connect with him on WhatsApp as often as we can. Satish has recently married a lovely, Christian lady from India. 


Financial & Prayer Support

Please would you pray about starting to support us to reach these nationals and internationals. Join us in continuous prayer as we give the truth of the gospel to these students in the U.K. 

We need to raise $1,500 more a month

5 people to partner with us $100 a month

13 people to partner with us $50 a month

14 people to partner with us $25 a month



Love Jason, Sara, Ben, Jack & Erin


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