Journey for Christian Singles

Journey for Christian Singles

As a result of the dramatic growth in the number of single adults and Christian singles in America, Christian singles are in desperate need of ministry support and training around their specific needs. 

The Journey audience faces numerous challenges, including emotional wounding from Father issues and family breakdown; poor indoctrination or models from media and the culture in the area of relationships and dating; deep lonliness in an increasingly isolated world; and lack of training and skills to help them thrive in friendships and dating, so they would be well prepared for successful marriages that will impact the world of God. 

Journey provides bi-monthly social/educational events that address relevant topics in a scriptual way; relational training courses like "Dating for Keeps" to prepare singels for great freinships and marriage; and book/video/audio, and other online resouces to help single Christians thrive in thier relationships with God, life, and the world. 


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Kevin Paterson

San Jose, US

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