Music for a Bright Tomorrow

The Katie Mahan Foundation "Music for a Bright Tomorrow" (KMF) was created to present musical concerts and related events to promote classical music and to inspire giving through music for educational, medical, environmental, and other humanitarian causes in the United States and around the world.

As an integral part of enduring society, music plays a vital role in uniting people to inspire giving in a global world that faces many challenges. KMF's purpose is to:

• Make the world a better place through music
• Ensure a strong future for classical music
• Utilize music's unique power to inspire giving, increase understanding, and unite people for educational, medical, environmental and other humanitarian causes

KMF manifests its mission of Music for a Bright Tomorrow in the following activities:

• Humanitarian Concerts for medical, environmental and social causes
• Fundraising Concerts for music education for school programs and low income children
• Multimedia Projects to promote classical music to young audiences

Funds will be raised through ticket sales, individual or corporate sponsorships, and private or corporate donations


The Katie Mahan Foundation "Music for a Bright Tomorrow" was created in 2014 by Katie Mahan and operates through The New Horizons Foundation, a Registered 501 c(3) Non-Profit Organization. Net fundraising profits from KMF concerts, activities and events are contributed directly to selected causes.


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