Ohlin's Ministry in Cambodia

Ohlin's Ministry in Cambodia

After living in Cambodia since January 2010, our family has become acutely aware of the pain and difficulties that the many orphans face in this beautiful, yet poverty-stricken country. Whether they are young and used to raise money for their "care takers" by begging, older and trying to navigate life without an older mentor to shepherd them along the way...or even worse as many are physically and/or sexually abused. Each of these precious children are hand-crafted masterpieces of their creator and deserve the opportunity to a better life and the chance to KNOW their creator personally.

Our family will be utilizing relationships we have made and knowledge that we have gained during our tenure in Cambodia to come along side those orphaned and/or abandoned children that God places in our lives and help them learn, discern and grow into their God-given potential. Through God's wisdom, we will be identifying and raising up Cambodian nationals to help train these indigenous children through supplemental education, spiritual shepherding, nutrition/hygiene lessons...etc. Through the grace of our Heavenly Father and the support of people like you, the future of some of these orphans will be brighter and filled with more hope.

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Ohlin's Ministry in Cambodia

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