Philippine Relief Fund

Philippine Relief Fund

 The Philippine Relief Fund currently supports work among the Tagbanua, an indigenous group living in the southern Philiippines. The Tagbanua are subsistence fisherman who live in isolated communities spread across many smaller islands. They have been officially granted sovereignty over the area where they live but face many challenges including education and access to even the most basic medical and dental care.

PRF has helped send a group of volunteers from USA and Philippines to do medical and dental work among the Tagbanua. Other volunteers have focused on early childhood education doing teacher training seminars and working to refurbish and furnish the preschool building in the main village on Coron Island.

In June 2019 another team will travel to Coron, Palawan, Philippines. Several dentists and doctors will provide medical care. Childhood education will be another key focus. We also plan to distribute water filtration devices to over 200 households and do a well-digging survey at several locations. In the future we hope to return and develop much better water infrastructure in several villages.

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Todd & Cora Doolittle

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