Covenant Care Chaplains

Covenant Care Chaplains

Everyone is Precious in God’s Eyes

With this understanding of the value of every life, Covenant Care Chaplains operate as the Sign of God’s Covenant to all of those who find themselves involved in the lives of one of our most precious resources – those in need of Spiritual Care.

Covenant Care Chaplains is dedicated to providing that presence through covenant relationships between Chaplains, Congregations and Care Facilities dedicated to providing spiritual care for the elderly living in or visiting long term care facilities.

Covenant Care Chaplains is established to provide Chaplain Services which provide Christian counseling, training, and personal/professional development support for elderly, the homeless, the abused and those who care for them.

Chaplain Services provide spiritual counseling, biblical teaching and personal guidance those in need with love and understanding.

Chaplain Services include ministering in health care facilities, homes, shelters, congregations and businesses that support the elderly, homeless and abused.

Covenant Care Chaplains also provides spiritual mentoring to other organizations by ministering and aiding them with the services of chaplains and mentors.


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James Liebbe and Joel Patton

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