Deaf 2 Sordos

Deaf 2 Sordos

Deaf Serving the Cuban Deaf for Christ

Cuban Churches with deaf ministries have expressed a desire to partner with Deaf Christians from outside of Cuba who understand the heart and mind of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing to work and interact with them. They recognize that Christian Deaf leaders are needed to provide role models, encouragement, and possibly guide them as they apply Christ’s lessons to their lives.  

Likewise, there is a need for additional resources that are specific to reaching out, teaching and ministering to the Deaf in Cuba. Our focus is on working alongside church based deaf ministries and serving them by strengthening what God is already doing there.  We will do this through educational assistance, ministry training resources specific to the Deaf, and project support. Most of all, we will fellowship with them and let Christ use us to love one another as he taught. 

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Project Manager
Mike Ver Velde

Lancaster, US

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