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Everyone deserves the right to quality education. Therefore it is essential that it is equally available and accessible to all. This is not the case in Uganda. Over 8.4 million people live on less than 2 dollars a day, severely limiting the type of education low income families can get for their children. For these children, many times the only option is a government school. While these schools are supposedly free, students actually end up paying between $2-8 per month because of the study materials and supplies that are not available at school. Poor management and corruption in the government aided education system has made these schools low performing and array with failures. The problems with the government education system has led families to turn to private schools for better results for their children. However, private schools have high setup and maintenance costs, many times associated with embellished infrastructure and unnecessary management. Because of this, high costs are transferred to families in the form of high school fees, making it unreachable for so many families.

Heritage Prime Schools runs an affordable pre-primary and primary school. We are committed to providing quality education to school children at a fee which is up to 70% lower than the average private school in the local communities. Our model allows parents to pay less than half of what it costs for a typical private school - only $8 per month compared to $20 at other private schools. We achieve low costs by ensuring efficiency and maximizing economies of scale to minimise operational costs. In the future, we will also incorporate vocational skills training in our curriculum at the secondary level to prepare our students for self-employment.


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