Posted by Mark Hanchar on 17 May 2020

Update May 18, 2020

Hi all!
We, like many, have been under confinement due to Covid. Our 2-month confinement ended a week ago, and we're now able to circulate on a limited basis. However, the confinement did not slow our ministry efforts -- au contraire!
From a preaching and meeting points-of-view, we subscribed to Zoom and began doing worship services online early-on, which will continue untio approval to hold in-person services is given. Our weekly Wednesday Bible study is also live online. During the confinement we held daily prayer meetings online, which included a brief message of encouragement.
The most exciting development during the period concerns the making and distribution of cloth surgical-style masks. My wife is a wizard at sewing, and she has taught other members of our congregation to sew as well. Typical sewing ministry projects include making cloth diapers for Africa, and sewing cloth bibs for residents at a large local care center.
Just after the pandemic began, Mary got patterns for adult and children's masks, and the team went to work. They make 2 styles of mask: one with a pocket to insert a filter, and the other simply 2 layers of cloth, all with upper and lower ties. Long story short, to date they have made and distributed free of charge over 900 masks. While most have been distributed locally, some have gone to different parts of France. This morning, we mailed some to a friend in England.
So God has opened new doors to share His love with others. All we try to do is listen and obey, all for His glory. See you soon with the next chapter in the story, and thank you for your prayers and support! They are appreciated.

Posted by Mark Hanchar on 21 December 2020

End-of-the-year Update

Hi all! It's difficult to believe that 2020 is fast drawing to a close. It has been an interesting year, to say the least. Our ministry continues as strongly as ever, and the Lord has shown us how to adapt to the changing and challenging circumstances. We recently shipped around 330 kilograms (726 pounds) of clothing to be distributed to severely needy people in southeastern Romania. A new door for the distribution of clothing in Madagascar (via Christian missions) has opened, and we will begin collecting clothing for Madagascar in 2021.

We have just come out of our second confinement period (6 weeks) due to the Covid virus. We are able to move about a bit more freely, however the incidence rate of new infections in the country continues to climb. People will soon be getting together to celebrate Christmas (New Year's celebrations are banned this year), and it's possible that the infection rate will increase further as a result. The increased burden on the health care system may lead to another confinement. Time will tell.

Our weekly worship services continue, albeit via Zoom. Given the resurgence of the Covid virus, we don't know when we'll be able to safely gather again for worship in person. In some ways, the mandatory separation has caused our group to grow spiritually, assume new responsibilities, and support each other more closely. We're all doing our best to remain faithful to the ministry to which the Lord has called us.

Mary and I would like to thank you once again for your prayers and your support. We wish you good health, a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year in our Lord!

Mark Hanchar

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