MAC26 is a ministry aimed at forming a long-term protestant presence in our village and surrounding villages. We personally have the skill sets, desire, commitment, stamina,and experience required to manage and grow a house worship group. Starting several years ago with a group of 3, we now average 12-14 in attendance every Sunday, with a peak attendance of 20+. The support we seek is critical for us to remain here. By funding this ministry and our presence by ourselves up until now, we have severely depleted our savings accounts . Thus, we are asking God to send us financial help through our families and our friends, through Joy to the World. We will continue to build on what has been established thus far. First by addition: adding members to our house group here in St Donat, forming strong Christ-followers. Next by developing leaders: and encouraging development of spiritual gifts. Then we multiply: identify where God has prepared the soil to plant groups in the surrounding villages, move leaders into position, provide ongoing support for these leaders and groups. We collectively thank you for your prayers and support! MAC26 -- working the harvest for the Lord in the Drome.
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