Nong SapaiLast night we ate dinner at Jek's house. He recently moved into a new place. This is Nong Sapai, Jek's Wife.

Anyone who visits us here in Chiang Mai has almost certainly met Jek and Nong Sapai. They are a great couple, sociable, gregarious and fun. They cannot speak English but that does not get in the way. Years ago a bunch of Japanese students visited and we went out with Jek and some others. Our Thai friends could not speak English or Japanese. The students could not speak Thai or English (very well). But it was for many the best night of the whole trip.

They are like that.

Well, they have been jobless since the start of Covid. They ran a "ring of ladies" all who sewed products primarily for export. Each Monday Jek would buy all the raw materials at the market and with Nong Sapai would distribute the work/orders to all the ladies. On Thursday they would collect all the results, travel by bus 10 hours and provide it to international buyers at a wholesale market in Bangkok.

They were experiencing increasing debt. In the early months of Covid, hoping to keep their business going until things returned to normal they financed the business through debt on their house. With the Covid economy dragging on their vehicle and cost of living debt increased. They did not live beyond their means until there were no means. 


They are in their early 50s and had to sell their home. They have an adult son and a highschooler. It has been very tough. Walking with them through these days has been very hard. Awn and I are not experienced in this type of ministry. But the Holy Spirit, who guides us, is. 

Pease pray for this family as they settle into their rented house. And for us, that we might be an encouragement and counsel them well. 

For our King, George and Awn

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