Corvid-19 Masks

Corvid-19 Masks

MNET Helping People at Risk

The other day I was watching the news and I saw a photo of the Pime Minister in a mask that was "fashionable". It matched his outfit perfectly and the outer material was made of Silk.

Thai PM

So we thought, why can't we be fashionable. We are working together to make and distribute these masks. We have a profit of about 15 cents when all is said and done. We have distributed 312 so far.

Awn wearing Mask Masks Chacha Wearing Mask

We are working together,not getting together. Hahaha This has given us a new access to people in this neighborhood. We are shipping product to contacts in other provinces as well. So this project is perfect for the Lockdown. cottage industry at it's best. 

Most everyone, no matter their profession, is not working. People intensive jobs are absolutely off limits. This has been a great help and a great opportunity to engage with the resurces, manufacture, distribution and sales.

would you help with seed money to expand our opperation and the number of people we could influence? A friend recently wrote, never waste a good crisis. But we are not leveraging people's misfortune. We are seeking to help people protective, financial and spiritual.

Being Flexible and creative is not "leveraging a disaster" as a matter of fact it is bring hope and purpose to the lives of many, I am sure. I recently spoke with Local leaders via a Zoom Conf. and said:

What are the most common prerequisites for a solid Leader? I shared this with 28 leaders in the conference:
Leadership in Crisis

George and Awn In Thailand.

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