Pro-Life Europe

The Need

There is a massive need for education and resources for pregnant and parenting students and advocacy for human rights for all people – especially the preborn. Abortion is allowed in Austria up to 16 weeks (or all nine months if the child has a medical condition like Down Syndrome) and in Germany up to 12 weeks. One out of three Austrian women are scarred by abortion. One out of three Austrians are simply missing because of abortion. In Austria, Germany, and Europe, there are very few student and youth led pro-life groups, focused on reaching their peers. There is a particular need for university outreach because it’s in university that many previously pro-life youth become pro-choice and many students get abortions. The local youth leaders recognize this need, but also realize that they need someone to show them how to more effectively expand their outreach.

The Call

While studying abroad in Germany, my senior year of college, I felt God call me to return and help start pro-life groups at their universities (something that is still non-existant). Looking back, the almost three years since then have prepared me to make this a reality. During time as a Students for Life leader in community college and Corban University and then as Rocky Mountain Regional Coordinator, I learned how to be a pro-life activist and leader. While Regional Coordinator, I trained 1,300 students, had 550 student consultations, visited 230 campuses, hosted 59 campus displays, started 24 groups, and organized 11 mobilizations. 

Now I will be training local German and Austrian young leaders from Youth for Life who will in turn be recruiting, equipping, and mobilizing German and Austrian youth to raise awareness of and practically support pregnant and parenting students and to advocate for human rights for all people – born and preborn. 

I’ll also be working alongside the Youth for Life team to develop a more defined and stable organizational and club structure and materials (trainings, flyers, displays, etc.). We'll launch grassroots mobilizations, sidewalk advocacy and prayer at abortion facilities, and displays aimed at changing minds. 

What Is the Urgency?

Every day, mothers and fathers are struggling with the emotional and physical consequences of abortion. Human rights are being eroded. Yes, every day, 96 Austrians and 274 Germans have their human rights taken from them – the right to go to college, to choose what they want to do, to walk down the wedding aisle. The right to live.

Youth are the drivers of culture. We must be the ones to help women and their preborn children in need.


Will You Join Me? 

I can't do this on my own. I need prayer. It's so amazing to see God work here. Please join me in praying!

Will you pray about investing financially in a Pro-Life Europe? I need your help to make this happen. Your monthly tax-deductible donation of $250, $100, $50, or even $15 will help enable me to live and work here in Europe. Or maybe you would like to sponsor my yearlong Austrian train pass ($1,308)? Or underwrite a German language class ($562)?

Thank you for joining what God is doing. Let's make Europe Pro-Life - together!  

Bethany Janzen

Project Manager
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