Veracity Fount

Veracity Fount

What is Veracity Fount?

Veracity Fount is a community of Ugandan Christians, from different tribes and backgrounds, united by the Holy Spirit. We are committed to creating communities of Christian thinkers actively engaging culture with the truth of Christ, shaping African Christian thought for generations to come, and reaching the lost with the love of Christ. We aim to do this through training, publications, and church planting.

Why the name ‘Veracity Fount’?

The village fountain holds special meaning for many Africans. Those of us who grew up in homes that did not have running water had to fetch water from a community fountain. Apart from the practical benefit, the journey to the fount often accorded us communal moments in which conversations that matter took place. We could talk about almost anything freely, without fear of judgment. Others refreshed our souls.

Today, Africans are asking even more complex questions about life, morality, and destiny. Their questions are not abstract; they are relational. Africans want to ask these questions freely, without fear of judgment, in a welcoming community where everyone draws from a common fountain, a fountain of Truth, or veracity fount. The Truth refreshes our souls.

Our logo represents the village fountain and Jesus Christ, who is the Living Water.

Who are your leaders?

Team leader Joseph Byamukama was born in Western Uganda and is currently a third-year Master of Divinity student at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Massachusetts, USA. Joseph also serves as an apologist with RZIM—Uganda (Ravi Zacharias International Ministries) and as a writer for The Gospel Coalition—Africa and for his own blog, He is married to Daphne; they have one son, Abaho.

Other members of the leadership team are co-founders Ntambi Derrick and Allan Mugenyi and coordinators Jessica Layado and Geoffrey Mbaziira. (See their bios on

Why Uganda? Why Kampala?

On the surface, Uganda appears to be a Christian nation. Over 85% of Ugandans identify with a Christian tradition (Catholic, Anglican, Pentecostal, etc.). In fact, by 2060, Uganda is poised to be the 8th most Christian country in the world (Pew Research Center). But, unfortunately, most Ugandan Christians are not prepared to answer the intellectual and spiritual challenges to their faith:  the prosperity gospel heresy, the growth of Islam, and the scepticism of academia. This raises deep concern about the state of the church in Uganda, both now and in the future.

Kampala is the largest city in Uganda, and cities are where young people want to live. Tim Keller writes: If you want to reach the younger generation, the younger people of the world are moving into cities way faster than the church is.

What are the defining characteristics of Veracity Fount?

As stated above, we aim to be Christian thinkers …

·       Engaging culture with the truth of Christ: We hold that we can love God with our minds only if we are continual learners. We need to grow in our understanding of our faith and in our ability to respond to the questions and challenges posed by our culture. How: The Center for Christian Thought will offer courses, small group studies, weekly discussions, retreats, and more.

·       Shaping African Christian thought: Many African intellectuals view Christianity as the white man’s religion, but this is not true. Many early writers who shaped Christian thought were Africans (Augustine, Clement, Tertullian, Cyprian and Athanasius). We need to recover this rich heritage for the church in Uganda. How: The Center’s library will feature the works of the African church fathers, and leaders will engage academics and other intellectuals through publications.

·       Reaching the lost with the love of Christ:  We hold that believers are sent by God to proclaim His marvellous work and Name to the lost, starting with those around them. We exist, not for ourselves but God first, and through God, for others. How: By training Christians to share their faith and by planting biblical churches throughout the cities of Uganda.

What is the current status of Veracity Fount?

The Center for Christian Thought is up and running. Ministries include small group discipleship, Worldview Wednesday discussions, and spiritual retreats. Planning and development will begin in earnest this fall, when the leadership team is back in Uganda. The launch of Veracity Church is planned for early 2021.

What do you need?

As God continues to confirm our vision and expand our hearts for the work that He is calling us to do, would you please pray that He fills us with His wisdom and courage to follow Him? And will you prayerfully consider our invitation to be a co-labourer on mission with us to create a community of learners within the local church, faithfully engaging their culture through conversations that matter?

Thank you for taking the time to read this! 

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