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UPDATE* This year for 2020 we are asking for PRAYER! We want to take the Gospel message to as many places as we can. We are songwriting and creating new arrangements to share this message and would love prayer for God to open doors for us as we work on booking venues. Our focus is getting the message out creatively and widely so PLEASE PRAY WITH US for this to happen. Families and children have a way of reaching others hearts in a special way.

Our tours have been AMAZING! Meeting so many of you who have been praying for us was wonderful! We heard stories of how our music has been used in peoples lives and we couldn't be more pleased & excited to hear these "GOD stories."

One story who heard from a precious lady shared she works with children who have been abused. When they don't want to talk to her, she askes if she can play them some music. She plays our CD's and this relaxes the children and encourages them to open up. Praise God.

YES, we could use a new vehicle, updated sound equipment, upgraded isturments and wardrobe improvements. And any funds we graciously receive go toward these needs and we couldnt be more thankful when God provides through YOU.

We appreciate our donors so much! You are in OUR prayers for God's blessings as you generously share your hard earned money toward this ministry. We feel like we take you with us on our tours!

May God bless you with His grace, love and mercy as you share His Gospel message to those you know!


Our mission is to share the Gospel through music as “Musicianaries”!

Citizens of Glory is a music ministry providing traditional and unique musical outlets to reach the community and encourage the church with God’s message of hope, love, and redemption through the finished work, and amazing love, of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Citizens of Glory specific outlets are:

1. To provide vocal/instrumental concerts and media to communicate our mission purpose.

2. To create opportunities to teach and train others to have musical/concert skills to further the Gospel message.

3. To provide forums for others to showcase their musical talents, in accordance with our mission statement.

Project Manager
Funding Period

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End Date: 30 December 2025

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