Equity Project, The

Equity Project, The

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It is the belief of The Equity Project that students who have no hope for success in school, become more and more discouraged as they make their way through the educational system. They lose interest, fail classes and do not have a champion to encourage them to stay in school. The statistics speak for themselves. According to the Business Insider, 27.6% of students drop-out of high school because they are failing too many classes, 25.9% are bored, 20.3% see no relevancy to life and 17.7% believe that no one cares about them. (www.businessinsider.com) Hope changes these numbers. The Equity Project believes that all students deserve to experience success in school. Our strategies and support are aligned to make sure every student succeeds. Our work is based on the fact that we refuse to leave anyone behind. Hope is something every student should own. Hope for a future with choices.

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