"Living Stones Today" (aka Stones and Living Stones Project)

"Living Stones Today" (aka Stones and Living Stones Project)

Since 2012, we have enjoyed meeting and connecting many "Living Stones" (Christians) in the Holy Land to American Christians. Besides mutual education, friendship and awareness - we engage in strategic partnerships and projects in the region.

“Living Stones Today” originally began as a project called “Stones and Living Stones”. We refined the name in 2020 to better point to the intent and focus of what we do and why.

We create relational bridges for mutual discovery between Holy Land Christians and American Christians via: educational events, shared projects, missional travel, creative media, public speaking, networking and strategic partnerships in order to foster friendships, mutual awareness, and advocacy.

We invite you to learn more about the Living Stones, understand why this matters and join us.

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