Christian Endeavor - Josh Good

Christian Endeavor - Josh Good

    I’ve met countless youth workers and churches who love students and sincerely desire to see them live for Christ. Yet, most discipleship efforts treat students like HIPPOS, where they are passively entertained and little is expected of them. That consumer-based approach to discipleship does not result in active and engaged faith. 

    That’s why today we see young people walking away from Christ and the church. At the same time, so many pastors and youth workers are overwhelmed & burning out. That’s not ok because we believe that the local church is designed by God to be the vehicle that unleashes youth to change the world! 

    Rather than treating students like hippos – consumers, we believe they need to be treated like HONEYBEES– creators. That’s how deep and lasting faith is truly developed. All of this is nothing new – but it does require intentionality. Christian Endeavor is all about an intentional biblical process. 

    In my role with Christian Endeavor, I have the joy of working one-on-one with youth workers and pastors. I equip them to re-frame their church's expectations of discipleship and encourage them through the pressures of ministry. I also have the opportunity to speak directly into the hearts of students and young adults through teaching opportunities, mentoring relationships and college partnerships. I challenge them to escape the low expectations so commonly placed on them and step into the God-sized purposes they were created for. 

I'm so excited about the chance for us to partner together in this Kingdom work!

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