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Covenant Connections for Pastors

Covenant Connections for Pastors

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Mission Statement: Helping leaders serve well through soul enriching covenant connections. 


The Why:

  • Every leader is either coming out of a season of special challenge, in the middle of a season of special challenge or heading into a season of special challenge! In a post Christian culture, facing complexities and moral ambiguities as never seen in our lifetime, leadership is more challenging than ever.
  • Many ministers feel overwhelmed and deeply discouraged to the point that in a 2017 survey 43% reported that they were seriously considering dropping out of ministry. We now know that 70% drop out after 10 years and that 90% do not finish well.
  • Soul Care Covenant Groups are designed to provide a safe and confidential setting for leaders to candidly process the hard hits and the heart hits that inevitably come their way. A covenant group is a healthy community in which each member is seeking something for the others and committed to helping one another serve well and finish well. Sadly, those who talk the most about community typically experience and enjoy it the least!
The How:

  • The model we follow is typically 4-3-2-1; four leaders, meeting over three years, twice a year in retreat and once a month by Zoom or phone calls with an experienced facilitator. This model allows honest, transparent and even vulnerable sharing as relationships deepen through the consistent devotion of a disciplined community. The group is not out to “fix others” or even to hold others accountable; rather, the commitment to be close establishes an atmosphere where all of this consistently occurs.
  • Transformation is not an event; it’s a journey. It only happens on purpose, over time and in community. Soul work is not only slow work but shared work. Just as no one can speed their way into a soul satisfying relationship with God, neither can anyone speed their way into a soul enriching relationship with others.
  • A covenant group is a relational agreement based upon trust. No leader will ever be stronger or more secure than the small circle of other leaders who surround and support him. We were made for life-enriching relationships. Community is at the heart of true Christianity, and true community can’t be rushed.


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