Affordable Housing for Women in Africa

Affordable Housing for Women in Africa



Smart Havens Africa is a Social Enterprise established to provide low-cost eco-friendly and sustainable affordable housing solutions for low income families in Africa who are unable to secure long-term affordable housing in the market.

Building affordable and low-cost homes is a key element of what we do, but we do a whole lot more! We put community needs at the heart of every project. We don’t just build houses, we build and empower communities.

We operate a social business model that is built on Job Creation, profit and social impact through home ownership, financial inclusion and community empowerment

Our mission is to provide a Sustainable Affordable Pathway to Homeownership for low income women in Africa.

Our model is designed to enable low income women to invest in Affordable housing without further deepening their poverty. It aims to increase the quality & value of Women’s homes, increasing Women’s financial stability & quality of life. Our solution ensures that Women can own an assert enjoy stable lives, engage in meaningful employment &still maintain sufficient disposable income to live thus contributing to UN SDGS 1, 5, 6,8,11 &13.

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