J B Phillips Society

J B Phillips Society

The J.B. Phillips Society



To passionately convey the living quality of the New Testament to a new generation through the translations and works of J.B. Phillips.

Our mission is the fresh release of the scriptural translations and other works of J.B. Phillips with the expressed purpose of stirring a new generation of believers on fire for Jesus, fully trusting in the Word of God, full of passion for the Kingdom of God, alive in Christ. We want to see a new generation of believers fall in love with the living, authentic, world-changing, true, exciting, raw power of the scriptures and life in Jesus.

We profoundly believe…

- We believe that the Bible is the true Word of God, alive today and totally relevant to our lives today. It contains in it all truth and wisdom and reveals the secret and purpose to life.

- We believe that the translations and works of J.B. Phillips are marked by the power of the Holy Spirit, and are well-placed to lead many believers, and unbelievers, to deep relationship with Jesus.

- We believe the need is very urgent. Unless people are truly excited by the Word not only in traditional, but also in new and accessible forms, they will continue to be distracted by the myriad idols of this world.

Why us? We believe about our role and context…

- We believe there is a hunger for truth and purpose and clarity in this generation and that that hunger can only be met with a deep understanding of and love for the scriptures and person of Jesus.

- We believe this period of history produces unique and un-seen-before opportunities for engaging people with scripture.

- We believe we are uniquely positioned to gather, inspire and commission many to a love and application of scripture in their lives. 

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