Lanna Discipleship Program

Lanna Discipleship Program


The Lanna Discipleship Program will prepare a new generation of leaders to carry the Lanna Theological Center into the next chapter of proclaiming the Gospel among the people of northern Thailand.

The Lanna Discipleship Program (LDP) is a ministry of the Lanna Theological Center. The Lanna Theological Center is one of the fruits of work completed by David Filbeck and his family over the course of a 57 year ministry in northern Thailand. Following David’s death in 2017, the director of the Lanna Theological Center realized that the future of the program would depend on the leadership of the Thai staff and Thai alumni. LDP was created to equip and teach future leaders of the Christian community in Thailand to build strong Christ centered churches that are capable of multiplying and spreading the Gospel where it has not been preached.

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