A Myanmar Mission: Reaching Rural Rangoon

A Myanmar Mission: Reaching Rural Rangoon

Our mission is to empower local ministers in Myanmar to reach the Rangoon area. 


Problem Being Solved?

Insufficient funds for growth of the indigenous church in Shwe Pyi Thar, Rangoon, Myanmar. The church congregation lacks the financial means to fully support the pastor’s vision for church growth and expanding programs for spiritual and educational development.

How are you solving it?

This project aims to provide property, a house, and a garden for Steven so that he can continue forwards self-sustainably as he spreads the gospel with his community and trains others to spread the gospel further.

Why are you qualified?

We have a two-year relationship with this pastor, witnessed his ministry and church activity, and live in relatively close proximity to the target region. As full-time workers with steady jobs, we can give our prosperity purpose by partnering with local workers, praying for them, and supporting them as they use their linguistic and cultural expertise to share the gospel in unreached areas. As the project commences, we can be involved both remotely and on site to give encouragement and oversee construction progress.

What is the urgency?

Prior to partnering with us, Steven was considering moving away from Shwe Pyi Thar because of nearly depleted funds. He often reaches out to family members (and to us, after we began our partnership) for money to cover rent. His current landlord has decided not to renew his contract with Steven when it expires in September, and it is uncertain whether he will find another place to rent in this locale. If Steven is forced to move elsewhere, he would not be able to continue shepherding this church, and the current elders are still too new in their faith to completely take over leadership.


Project Manager
Funding Period

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End Date: 30 November 2022

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