Strong Foundations for Education In Timor

Recent Training for Pre-school Teachers in West Timor, Indonesia

Photo from Cesarina Banamtuan-MorFeeditGMIT Preschool on Alor Island participating in the program

The Strong Foundations for Education program addresses the early education needs of children from low-income communities in the remote islands of eastern Indonesia where the language context is complex, the church schools they attend are under-resourced, and educational outcomes are among the lowest in Indonesia. The project focuses on training teachers and providing quality resources so children can be taught first in their first language. Research shows that in multi-lingual contexts this approach provides children with the best foundation for reading and critical thinking, enabling them to climb step by step into mastery of the national language and other languages they will need for life long educational success.

The program has been developed from the vision of local educators from several different language backgrounds. They all  have a high degree of language awareness and a longstanding vision to see children educated in languages that affirm their identity and provide them with strong foundations for ongoing success in the world of education. Further enthusiasm for the program comes from the fact that local languages Bible stories and Scripture form core parts of the curriclum. 

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Dr. Karla Smith, an international Multilingual Education consultant, is the lead consultant providing training and guidance to the program.  June Jacob MA, Heronimus Bani MM, Dr Charles Grimes, Dr Barbara Grimes, Jim Smith MA and Eve Brooks MA are among the other advisors working with teams of local language educators.

 Thank you for considering a gift to give these children a strong start to their education.


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