Conflict Resolution Resources - CRR

Conflict Resolution Resources - CRR

CRR 2 

Mission Statement: Providing a lifeline of biblical resources to resolve conflicts, create effective accountability, and prevent abuse.

Problem Being Solved? People in the church are hurting and often have no advocate. Marriages are failing, friendships are dissolving, misunderstandings and sometimes even abuse leave many men, women, and children disillusioned and suffering in silence. Perhaps they turn to their church. However, many churches do not have the level of resources to come alongside those who are suffering to bring healing and hope in very practical ways.

How will CRR solve it? Using Bible-based peacemaking principles, CRR provides the resources that faith communities and individuals need to bring peace and reconciliation in relationships, as well as systems of highly effective accountability. CRR will help strengthen churches and faith communities so they are a safer place for everyone.

What is the urgency? Almost daily we hear how the moral values in our nation and our churches are being eroded. CRR helps strengthen our faith communities. Currently, there are untold numbers of men, women, and children in the church who are in desperate need for someone to listen to them and take action to bring reconciliation and to walk with them into peace and wholeness. CRR will be that lifeline.

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