Rancho de Dios Ministries

Rancho de Dios Ministries


Mission: Encourage, edify and equip the people of Mexico to serve God.
We will be meeting basic needs, helping the disadvantaged, and providing spiritual development.


Our vision for the conference center is fourfold and encompasses our short term as well as our long term goals:

1. To provide access to sound biblical teaching to the people of Mexico, especially to the pastors and the pastors-in-training. We will be organizing speakers, conferences and retreats for women as well as the men, hosting marriage retreats and conducting children’s ministry events there. We have connections with many pastor/teachers and their wives here in the US as well as Mexico, some as close as Puerto Vallarta, and as far away as Ensenada that we will be inviting to teach both in person as well as via a digital platform.

2. To centralize the feeding program for the 5 churches and seek other churches/communities to add to the program. We are distributing the food to the churches who in turn provide to the needy with the Gospel Message. 

3. To participate in training up and sending out more pastors as God raises them up for church planting/building in our area and beyond. God has given us the number 72 as in Luke 10, Jesus sent them out 2 by 2 into the harvest field. We know in Mexico this field is ripe!

4. To organize and facilitate children’s programs with the help of the local churches for biblical character building. We also desire to provide healthy recreation through organized sports for the youth and an awesome playground for the little ones.


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