Soul Care Institute - Tingle

Soul Care Institute - Tingle


Helping Christian leaders to care for their soul for the sake of others. We feel an urgency to reach community and ministry leaders who have grown tired and weary. These leaders need soul care and feeding as they pour their hearts into their ministries and the lives of others.

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Problem Being Solved? Far too many ministries, churches, mission agencies and marketplace leaders have spent the majority of their time building above the waterline. They are building wonderful “bridges” of ministries and businesses but have forgotten the most important and strategic work, the foundation that lies below the waterline. It is here, below the waterline, where the Soul Care Institute will provide the essential training, experiences and resources needed for you to do this daring and courageous work

How are you solving it? The Soul Care Institute is a two-year journey of a group of peers. Over the course of two years, students will "come away from the front lines" of their ministries, work, and family life in order to engage in true retreat that is designed to re-fill their souls. This will happen 6 times (approximately once every four months). Each retreat will be filled with wisdom from experienced teachers, time to recover the stillness the soul seeks, and encouragement from spiritual directors and peers.

What is the urgency? When surveying the landscape and mining the data surrounding what is happening to people in positions of spiritual leadership, two things become apparent. The first is the ever-increasing reports of leaders imploding and struggling through moral failures with fewer and fewer of these leaders staying at their posts for a lifetime of service. But the second observation may be the sadder one. We no longer find it shocking, appalling or even discouraging that this happens. We have heard so many reports of leadership crashes that we have become dull to the virtual epidemic that surrounds us.



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