Queenstown Education Fund

Queenstown Education Fund

You can also view our website: www.queenstowneducation.co.za for more information and social media pages.

Our Mission Statement:

Transforming the rural South African town of Komani (formerly known as Queenstown) into a universally-recognized center of educational excellence.

How are you solving it:
We support a growing network of collaborating schools in one rural South African town to thrive in t
he 4th industrial revolution by implementing six different innovative programmes that, together, promote cost efficient technological advancements. These programmes include an overarching digital network, collaborative fundraising, a multi-school STEAM Club, a Maths and Science Community of Practice and systemic approach to learners' and teachers' wellbeing. We are also building social cohesion among school leaders.

Why are you qualified:
The Queenstown Education Foundation has been in existence for 10 years. Its Directors and Project Managers are heart-centered South African professionals who have served the local school community with a thorough understanding of our affiliated schools' strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. We have enough funding already for basic operations. We have developed various high impact programmes.

What is the urgency:
The faster we can build more powerful technology and Communities of Practice, the quicker we can reach further into under-resourced learning communities in surrounding areas of the impoverished rural Eastern Cape. 


Project Manager
Jacqueline Wijtenburg

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