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Cynthia Alice Anderson guides people to grow, prosper and evolve.  Her engaged and dynamic teaching inspires her audiences to live from authenticity.

She has helped tens of thousands of people live their best life through motivational speaking, educational courses and one-to-one coaching.  Her breadth of experience includes both the public and private sector, delivering dynamic presentations both online and in person.  Her presentations engage audiences and offer specific take-aways that are immediately applicable to life at home, work and the greater community.  A consistent focus on emotional intelligence is evident in all her teaching.

Blending diverse disciplines and perspectives, Anderson focuses people on evaluating and shifting perspectives.  She opens a conversation into a transformational field for every individual – guiding individuals and groups to find greater acceptance and alignment.

A successful founder and host of the podcast channel, Experience of the Soul, Anderson has authored four books, and designed and delivers specialized and accessible curriculum focused on personal growth and soul development.  Anderson is a sought-after life coach and spiritual counselor with clients nationally and internationally.



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