New Hope Healing Homes China

New Hope Healing Homes China



At New Hope Foundation, we believe children are made by God and are infinitely precious to Him. Because we've been given the privilege to care for abandoned children in China with special medical and physical needs, and because the need is ongoing and urgent, we comfort them every moment we get to care for them, we relieve any suffering as much as possible, and do all that we can to sustain their life here on earth. New Hope Foundation has been uniquely equipped to help meet the children's needs in our context by understanding the local resources availiable, by the strong medical experience of our internal team, and by having access to our network of worldwide medical experts.

Our vision is to take in orphaned infants and children with special physical and medical needs and provide them with a loving and secure environment that's as close to home as possible. We are called to work closely with the local Children's Welfare Institutes to seek out the very best medical solutions for each child's physical challenge and facilitate their treament in order to give these children the very best opportunites for the future. We employ and train local staff, work closely with the local community to help support the staff's needs and provide appropriate opportunites for volunteers to be involved.



Sponsorship is an excellent opportunity to give regularly in the name of one special child of your choice. Gifts are used to benefit all the children in care and help to provide food, shelter, and medical care, as well as the love, safety, and nurture that these children need. We will provide you with regular updates about the child, and you can sponsor for as little as $10 a month. As a special consideration for churches, we offer a sponsorship for $100 a year.

Complete details about this exciting program are found on the Our Children page of our website. Check it out today and become a child sponsor with New Hope Foundation!




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