Life Lyft 626

Life Lyft 626
Rabun County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is an Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulance service that serves the residents and visitors of Rabun County, Georgia. Areas of Rabun County are very mountainous and remote and some response areas of Rabun County Ems are up to forty-five minutes away from the closest ambulance.  Last year Rabun county EMS responded to approximately three thousand 911 ambulance calls, 2/3 of those calls are transport calls requiring loading, treatment, and unloading of victims often in life threatening circumstances.

A critical part of this EMS process is the loading and unloading of patients from the ambulance manually. This is a time-consuming process and has become even more challenging given the increasing weight of the victims which in turn slows down the response time. Additionally, many EMS personnel experience back injuries as a result of the manual lifting process. In order to mitigate this problem, automated hydraulic lifting equipment has been developed. This equipment allows the patients to be lifted automatically directly into the rear of the ambulance.

The goal of this project and of Rabun County EMS is to secure funding for the installation of the Stryker Power Load system in each of Rabun County's ambulances. This system features an advanced stretcher and automated loading system which studies have shown reduces workplace back and spinal injuries up to 100% and has been shown to improve both paramedic and patient safety tremendously.

A great opportunity exists here to benefit all of Rabun County residents, visitors, and EMS personnel. The department's goal is to provide the highest quality prehospital medical care possible to our patients while making wise choices where taxpayer dollars are concerned. Your donations to the project are appreciated and will benefit our residents, visitors, and employees every day..
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End Date: 29 September 2021

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