Change The World - Myanmar

Change The World - Myanmar

July 2021 Update:
In light of recent events, the fundraiser will be focused on supporting the people in the struggle against COVID-19. The expected COVID-19 third wave has hit Myanmar and has already affected up to 90% of the country’s population. The military’s inability to control the third wave has resulted in the deaths of many and also the increasing outbreak of the virus. The death toll in Myanmar is already at 60 deaths per day and the average number of positive cases is 3830 per day. The funds will be allocated towards providing basic necessities including COVID-19 prevention supplies such as protective masks, sanitizers, personal protective equipment (PPE), and medications such as immune-boosting vitamins for the endangered communities affected by the third wave. We must work together to contain the virus outbreak in the communities, especially those that are currently displaced and lacking supplies.

Since the military seized control by staging a coup in Myanmar on 1 February, 2021, the country has witnessed an increment in systematic oppression and brutality. These acts are inevitably a violation of human rights and humanitarian principles. Starting in late February, violence against unarmed protestors escalated via the use of armed forces who shoot to kill. Through curfew imposition and restriction of internet and phone services, night raids are being conducted in neighborhoods to heighten fear. This has created a situation whereby people key to the revolutionary movement have had to flee their homes, becoming internally displaced people (IDPs) in search of refuge from persecution. 

Scattered in jungle hideouts, these IDPs are in urgent need of humanitarian aid such as food, water, sanitation, shelter, and medicines. The most vulnerable are pregnant women, mothers of newborns, children, injured and disabled individuals, and the elderly. The onset of the monsoon season has exacerbated their hardship. The regime’s intensified offensives have already displaced up to 300,000 citizens, resulting in devastating humanitarian consequences. With ongoing military troop deployments and airstrikes, it is deeply concerning that the conflict will escalate and the crisis will worsen. 

Uniting in the nation’s fight for a democratic state, we urge you to consider contributing to our fundraiser which will be allocated to the IDP crisis at large. All proceedings will go towards providing the necessities mentioned above for the IDPs. We ensure the funds will reach areas of need through our on-ground aid personnel and we will be prioritizing fund allocations based on need.  

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