Abundant Village-South Africa

Abundant Village-South Africa

Abundant Village
Welcomed - Kind - Scalable

Based on conversations with local Foundations and NGOs, along with hundreds of hours of discussions with local villagers, government officials, members of the Shangaan Royal Family and others interested in making a sustainable change, we have created Abundant Village.

One of our guiding principles creating lasting change. The greatest challenges in this region include food, energy and water insecurity. Additionally, education, childcare, wellness care and career opportunities are critical for any community to thrive. Abundant Village is a resource-rich solution solving many of these challenges simultaneously. This pilot village can be created globally and run locally. Business, technology and environmental resources will be sourced locally or through our network to find cost-effective solutions that can scale and meet the needs of small and large communities alike. 

Abundant Village can be an economic engine for a community to increase health, wellness and prosperity. 

Rather than invent or import solutions, we want to work with existing solutions from the area that are proven and can be applied to solve these challenges. We want to hire and purchase locally, when possible, as well as partner with Foundations and NGOs already allocating funding to address these issues.

Once successful, we want to scale and repeat this model in other villages, cities and communities throughout the region.

Scaling kindness and sharing the blessings we have received with others, in a meaningful way, can change the lives of millions of people around the world. Please join us with your time, talent and treasure to support this important project.

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End Date: 29 December 2021

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