MBA - 22 Remembered

MBA - 22 Remembered

Raising Awareness

The Military Basketball Association’s (MBA) primary mission is to promote awareness for behavioral health and veteran suicide prevention. A study done by the Veterans Administration in 2013 estimated that 22 veterans took their lives every day.  That is over 8,000 of our heroes, our brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers succumbing to the pressures of mental illness each year.

Preventing Suicide

There are many ways to prevent suicide and the MBA looks to utilize competitive sports and coaching as a means to build resiliency. We believe that if you belong to a team you are part of a family, a foundation where getting the best help available is possible. We want those who have suffered from post traumatic stress and depression to be free of the stigmas associated with behavioral health challenges. Every contribution you provide to this campaign will go towards the promotion of resiliency events for veterans and providing therapy vital to keeping our heroes safe. Every contribution counts and could literally be the support that saves a life.

How to Help

Every name of our fallen is important.  We aim to memorialize veterans fallen to suicide on a 22 foot by 22 foot banner which will be displayed at an art musuem to be determined and auctioned to raise money for mental health therapy for veterans.  We are asking supporters of our campaign to donate $22. A name will be added to our memorial for each $22 dollar donation.  More at our website:
For the millions struggling, help is available, you are loved and your life matters. If you or someone you know needs immediate attention contact the National Suicide hotline 800-273-8255, or dial 911.

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